Thousand Island Paranormal Society - T.I.P.S was founded by a group of 4 that came together in the upstate New York area.

We have been involved in our own research of the paranormal field for over a year now. We came together with others who are interested in the same field and we created - T.I.P.S

We are here to help the Northern New York area.

All of our services are 100% free of charge.

We also will hold any information you wish in strict confidence.

Our mission is to investigate claims of paranormal activity and to help anyone we can who is being affected by paranormal activity. T.I.P.S is a team who will come into your home and assist you in proving or disproving your claims of activity.

We here at T.I.P.S would like to Thank all who visit our site and welcome anyone to contact us if you need any assistance.


We represent a small group of researchers ( T.I.P.S ) interested in the Paranormal Phenomenon.   We study the Paranormal occurrence and try to help others to understand what is happening.   We then try to connect them with the available resources to help them handle their situation.

Our goal is to unite individuals into a community wherein together we may illuminate the stories and myths of the area.  We research old and new phenomena and investigate with an open mind and a rational logic.

If possible we would like to interview anyone who has witnessed any past/current phenomena, and for history of the site.  

We will conduct a field investigation involving: photography, audio recordings, video recordings and temperature and electromagnetic readings.

Our outdoor investigations are dependent on clear weather and will be postponed if fog, rain, high winds, snow or other inclement weather occurs on the scheduled date and time.  You will be notified of any cancellations and we will contact you to reschedule an appropriate time. 

We understand, and fully respect that we will be on private property at all times.    Every precaution will be taken so that no damage occurs on any part of the property.  We all have the utmost respect for all those who have passed on and ensure that there will be no intoxicant consumption, horseplay or other disagreeable conduct.  We will also notify the local police department of the date and time of our study, to avoid any cause for alarm.

Participation in our investigations, is at our own risk, and neither you nor our organization will be held responsible for any injury or damage occurring to persons or instruments, while on your property.